Prized Possession

She got a gift from her father. A bicycle. Something that she really wanted to have although she couldn’t ride a bicycle yet. A mini bicycle with two training wheels as a great choice for a 5-year-old kid who want to learn how to ride a bike.
“It’s my bike. No body may ride it. It’s just for me,” she said to Kaka, her brother.
“You can’t ride! Let me ride and you sit on the back,” her brother, Kaka, said.
“No. I’ll learn to ride it.”
“No. You can’t ride. I want to ride it,” Kaka said and tried to grab her bike.
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Sweet Sixteen

painting8It was Story’s birthday. There was no big party. Some gifts still piled on the table, beside her computer. She was more interested to open her emails than open the gifts. She had special email address that she opened only on her birthday. Opening these special emails was activity that she waiting for every year. She looked for the subject of “Gift for 2014”. Click!

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Karma Chameleon

Achel and I had a big lunch together. www wedo deWe chose beef steak for that special lunch. Achel was scolded by our boss this morning. She said that beef steak can recharge her energy. But, beef steak reminded me something.

“Achel, do you know what our boss wants to be reincarnated as?”
“Stop talking about him, moreover when we have lunch.”
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