Singular Sensation

literature   terribleminds.comLimitations. She break the schedule. She felt blocked, uninspired, or maybe derailed. People have limitations, Paula said in her blog. I Agreed. I always break writing schedule. ^_^ So, there I was. In a long journey to sleep. Forgetting the posts. Continue reading


The Social Network

“Where have you been? Long time no see,” Nelli said.
“I’m still in Jakarta,” Story answered.
“Why you never hung out with us?”
“I mean our high school friends. Nia, Riza, Opie, Mega, Emil asked about you. How could I know?” NoSocialMedia-300x200
“Do you often meet them, Nel?”
“Yes. We meet online. What’s yout BB pin? I’ll join you to our BBM group.”
“BBM? I don’t have BB.”
“FB account?”
“Facebook? No.”
“YM? WhatsApp? Twitter?”
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Karma Chameleon

Achel and I had a big lunch together. www wedo deWe chose beef steak for that special lunch. Achel was scolded by our boss this morning. She said that beef steak can recharge her energy. But, beef steak reminded me something.

“Achel, do you know what our boss wants to be reincarnated as?”
“Stop talking about him, moreover when we have lunch.”
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