About Her

Picture 099When she was a little girl, she really wanted to write a story. Her mother used to read her fairy tales, so she’d has her own fantasy character that she want write in a story book. She took a piece of paper, folded it and cut it up into 8-page-mini-book. On the cover, she drew the character, wrote the title and her name as the author.
“Mom, I have my own story book,” she said.
“Very nice. So, it’s you turn to tell me your story.”
Unfortunately, her wish was only desire. The next pages of that mini book not being filled by the story until now. And her mother never asked about that story.

www.smslucknow.comWhen she was a teenager, she managed the school wall magazine. Sometime she posted her short stories to share with others.
“I like your stories. Why don’t you send them to a magazine publisher?” her friend surprised her. Why not? She though her self. She was interested. She was eager to write seriously. But after finished it, she doubted sent it. That story has never been sent to the magazine publisher. And her friend never asked about that story.

rp.bergen.orgShe was a college student then. She took the Popular Writing class. The class she was looking for. A class emphasized the practice of writing. The lecturer always gave only a little explanation of the types of story writing then students had to make it at home. At the next meeting, he judged on the students’ work. He was very objective in judging. All students must be prepared to be embarrassed “stripped” in the classroom. Miraculously, she often got compliments. Each week she was able to produce good writing. However, after not being forced to make writing as a college assignment, she didn’t produce a story again. And her lecturer never asked about that story.


So, she was a new editor in a publishing company. She had a task to finish a book that would be released in three months. She finished editing that book in a month then gave it to her boss. But her boss rejected her work.
“What is it? Dispose it into the trash! Write your own book!”
“What? I’m an editor, not a writer.”
“I don’t care. That book has to be released in two months. I believe you can do it.”
That task was driving her crazy, as a new employee. She really had to focus and sometimes forgot the break. It’s absolutely magic. The book was finally released on time. The book was sold out in the market. She got a bonus a week of abroad vacation. But there was something that makes her feel claustrophobic. The X writer, whose name was listed on the cover of the book that she wrote, got a huge royalty. That fake author was even able to buy a house from that book royalty. She wrote that book. And that fake author never asked about it.

meredithbond.comThat’s it. She was always busy working for someone else. She always pray that God made her to be in a state of forced to write her own book. Story book with her name on the front cover.


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