Oh, My Award!

“Again…!” she’s surprised.
“What?” he asked.
“I was nominated  for blogger award again. This time is the Versatile Blogger Award, by Alekha. Does it mean my blog has something quality?”
“Maybe yes, maybe not. But it’s just for fun. Just try to get one of those awards and see what will happen to you or your blog.”

“Hey. There are some RULES:
1. show the award on my blog,
2. thank the person who nominated me,
3. share seven facts about myself,
4. nominate 15 blogs,
5. link my nominees’ blogs, and let them know,” she explained.
“Easy, huh? Why don’t you try? Just for fun, right?” he said.

“But the rules…. Number 1 and 2 are OK. Of course I thank to Alekha and some bloggers who nominated me. Rule number 4 and 5 are easy. My NOMINEES are Hugs and Blessings , Janie, Flicka Rancher, Until The Last Srumb, Verena Fiona, Megan Stephenson, Paula, Ramona Crisstea, Ann Johnson, Damyanti. I love their blogs.”
“And rule number 3?”
“It’s difficult. What’s the facts about me? Have a nose, a mouth, two eyes and two ears?” she said.

He laughed and said, “7 FACTS, right? Let me help you! I know you more than yourself.
1. Can’t say “no” to people who ask something.
2. Always smile to people even to stranger. How come!
3. Love blue color, but sometimes red, sometimes black, sometimes colorful.
4. Love strawberry ice cream with a cherry on top. But devour my vanilla ice too.
5. Eat every last crumb off a plate. Sometimes it’s very embarrassing, you know.
6. Good listener. That’s why I around you!
7. Last but not least. Have me as your great partner.”
“Hahaha. Thanks a lot. You know me better than me. By the way, will I get a trophy, a gift, money or something after this?” she asked eagerly.
(Oh, my God!)” he sighed.


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