The Social Network

“Where have you been? Long time no see,” Nelli said.
“I’m still in Jakarta,” Story answered.
“Why you never hung out with us?”
“I mean our high school friends. Nia, Riza, Opie, Mega, Emil asked about you. How could I know?” NoSocialMedia-300x200
“Do you often meet them, Nel?”
“Yes. We meet online. What’s yout BB pin? I’ll join you to our BBM group.”
“BBM? I don’t have BB.”
“FB account?”
“Facebook? No.”
“YM? WhatsApp? Twitter?”
“No. I have no time for that.”
“That’s why you don’t know what happen to us.”
“Gee… Why should I use it?”
“What’s more fun than staying in touch with our friends?”
“I understand that, but I’m not a public figure. Who will follow me and why should they follow me?”
“Well. I’ll make an account for you right now and you will know the reason then. What’s your email address? Don’t say that you don’t have email.”
Story smiled seeing Nelli open her laptop and really want to make a Facebook account for her.

That’s how Story finally has her first account in social media. She thought that social media was only for famous people who want to promote themselves and teenagers who want to know their idols.
horizontal_dividerAt the first day, she got 48 friends who invited her. She surprised. Who were they? How did they find her? She read their name one by one. Confirmed all of her family and friends she knew. Read their profiles and walls and saw their pictures.

She stopped at one name. One name that reminded her of someone in the past. He was not her boyfriend, but someone who she adored. She was happy because FB can connect her with him.
“How are you, Nico?” she asked to herself. She stalked him, especially his status. Single. She sent him a private message. From their conversation via message, she knew that Nico has married. He didn’t want to publish all of his privacy at FB. He wrote that he had a son too, but his beloved son lay in coma in the hospital. He sent her a photograph of a young boy. His condition was too terrible. Story was touched. Nico said that his son’s condition was getting worse whereas he has spent all his money to his son. Story offered if he needs money she can support him. Nico gave his son’s bank account and Story sent some money to him.
“What a magic internet,” Story said to herself, “social media can make it so easy to gather my relatives and friends. Technologies help me to interact, to find people who have long lost contact, and to help people like Nico.”
horizontal_dividerOn the next day, Story called Nelli. She asked her to visit Nico’s son in the hospital.
“Nico which one do you mean?” Nelli asked.
“Nico, our high school classmate.”
“Oh, God. I forgot to tell you about Nico.”
“What happened? Is it about his son? Is he OK, isn’t he?”
“Well. I think he’s got one more victim.”
“Did you transfer some money to Nico?”
“Yes. Nico’s son was seriously ill.”
“No, Story. That guy is not our Nico. Nico’s account was hijacked by irresponsible person.”
“That guy is hacker.”
“Our friends and I have blocked his FB account. We are his victims too.”
Story couldn’t say anything.
“Story…, Story…, are you still there?”
Story didn’t answer it. She didn’t believe what she heard. Social network had met her to the people she loved and cared easily. On the other hand, social network had made her lost a lot of her money easily. After that bad experience, she was traumatized for using social media.


One thought on “The Social Network

  1. It’s my #91 writing. I’m trying to follow WordPress’ 365 Days of Writing Prompts.
    #91 April 1 The Social Network: Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

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