Freaky Friday

“Story! Hey, Story!”
“What? What story do you mean?”
“I call you, Story!”
“Do you call someone? With Story? Is it a name?”
“Don’t be ridiculous! Just do your work in hurry! Stop singing!”
Story’s boss said angrily and went into her room.
“What does she mean? Hey, Miss. Hello, Girl. Sstt. What does she mean? Wait, wait! What is this? Where am I? Who are you?”
“Story, are you sick? Boss asked you to work! Just do your work, Story! Stop singing!” Santi said.
“Story? You call me Story? Me? I’m Justin Beiber, you know!” JB said.
“Look at this mirror! Don’t be crazy,” Santi said.
“Whaaat! Aaaaaagh! Nooooo!” JB yelled.
horizontal_dividerJB ran to the full wall mirror. He couldn’t believe himself. He yelled that he was Justin Beiber, but no body believed him because he was JB in Story’s body. He ran to the door and got out of office.
“Where’s my manager? It’s crazy! Scooter Braun!” JB cried.
“Get her into the office,” Boss asked security to got him.
horizontal_dividerJB couldn’t resist. He sat on Story’s chair, in front of Story’s computer, perplexed. He didn’t know what to do. The Boss came over him.
“Deadline, Story! It’s Friday! I want your writing today!” Boss large
“Do you think it would be normal again after I make something for you? Please help me to be normal,” JB cried.
“Indeed! Your writing is your normal world,” Boss said and went to her room.
JB faced the computer. He got an idea. Googling. He typed “Justin Bieber”. Google gave no result. There was no data about Justin Bieber. He couldn’t believe it. He typed “Baby”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “One Time”, “Mistletoe”, “Eenie Meenie”, Boyfriend”, but no related to him.
horizontal_divider“Hey, Girl! You know Justin Bieber, right?” JB asked.
“No,” Santi answered.
“Hey, Girl. You know this song? Baby, baby, baby oooh. Like baby, baby, baby nooo. Like baby, baby, baby oooh. I thought you’d always be mine, mine,” JB sang his song and danced in front of Santi. She was confused.
“No! Please, shut up. I need concentration,” Santi said.
“What the hell is this? What place is it? I’m in some random country!” JB said.
“Hey, don’t say like that! You get money from this random country, you know!” Santi said.
JB depressed. He took marker pen from Story’s pen box. He started doodling graffiti on the desk, writing his name on the desk.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Santi shouted.
Boss came over him and got angry, “You kill yourself! You must be responsible to these! Cut your pay and now you clean your desk before you have lunch!”
“Lunch! Yes! I’m hungry! Lunch please!” JB said.
“Take thinner or something in the warehouse and clean your desk! Don’t take a break before you finish it,” Boss said and got into her room again.
horizontal_dividerAn hour passed. JB finished cleaning the desk, but the break time was finished too.
“Oh My God, I’m hungry. Hey, Girl. How can I get my lunch?” JB asked.
“Will you stop calling me “Girl”? What happen to you today? Story, you said that you’re on diet. You usually don’t have lunch. Now, you’re hungry? Break time is over,” Santi said.
“Hey, stop conversing! Deadline, Ladies! It’s Friday!” Boss shouted from her room.
“God, what should I do? What should I write? I have to write something so I can go back to the real world,” JB said to himself.
horizontal_dividerFour hours passed. JB finished his writing and gave it to the Boss. She read it.
“Thas’s my writing. So let me go back to my world,” JB said.
“Good. I like your topic. A young boy who uploaded his video on Youtube, then became a famous singer. But what’s wrong with your language? So awkward! But after all this Freaky Friday, I can accept your work. At least, you’ve tried to be responsible. You can go home, now. Get well, soon. Thank you,” Boss said.
When Boss said “thank you”, the situation got back to normal. JB has returned to his world. Story has returned to her life.

One thought on “Freaky Friday

  1. It’s my #109 writing. I’m trying to follow WordPress’ 365 Days of Writing Prompts.
    #109 April 19 Freaky Friday: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why? If that seems too easy, try this one: who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience?

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