In 2010, Story facing the most difficult situation. At the office, she was imprisoned in the uncertainty of her fate. At home, she was wrestling with her emotions.
Office where she worked almost bankrupt, no more staff, no job, and the salary was stalled. Hundreds of employees are willing to resign without severance. While Story and nine of her friends stuck out in that situation to got their rights as employees were laid off. They stressed every day, from morning to evening. Story was sad, but she didn’t want to issue a tear was there. She wanted to give up, but she forced herself to endure.

At home, her father was seriously ill. She didn’t have money to take him to the hospital. Her father needed extra attention, extra care, and that meant she needed extra patience in caring for him. She wanted to scream, but it would only add to the feeling of her father’s illness. She wanted to cry, but she didn’t want his father to cry, too. She must refrain from her family not added stress.

And her tears spilled between those two places. Yes, on the way to and from the office. Perhaps, people saw her as a freak, but she had no place to spill her emotions.

Until, she found a song that answers her confusion. “Through the Rain” sung by Mariah Carey. She listened to that song hundreds of times, cried, until she believed that she could get through that situation one day. She forced herself to think positive and kept praying. And finally, God answered her prayer a few months later. She got her right from the office, so she could bring his father to the hospital.

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