Teacher’s Pet

tp“Miss Ratna, I don’t like Physics. I don’t want to choose Biology either. And I’m not interested in Social.”
“But you have to choose one.”

“Why don’t we have Language major class, Miss? Most of good high schools have Language major.”
“We’ve ever offered Language major five years ago, but only few students responded. You, know, we have to get 30 students to open new major. Ok. I know that you’re interested in language. We’ll make it this year, but you have to find the students. Ask 29 of your friends to join the class.”
“Yes. You.”
“Miss, you’re the teacher. You’re Language teacher, so students will be more respected you than me.”
“Take the challenge or forget it.”
“Ok. I’ll try.”

Story tried to get her friends who were interested in Language major. It was not easy for her. She was actually a shy girl, but she tried to be brave. She asked the students personally. She also came to the class room, one by one. She didn’t promote anything. She only said that their school would open Language major for 11th grade students that year.

And then she met Miss Ratna in the teacher room.

“Miss Ratna, I’ve tried.”
“Very good. How’s that?”
“Only eleven students. I failed.”
“No, you didn’t fail. It was good. But, I’m sorry, it’s not enough.”
“I know, Miss.”

Story looked sad. It was not because she failed to persuade her friends, but she had to choose something that she didn’t want.

“Story, if you’re really want to learn language, you may choose that major, but not now, not in the high school. You will get that major in the university, two years to come. For now, you may like to choose Social. We have Japanese as foreign language for Social students. Are you interested?”
“Ok, Miss.”
“You have to study hard and I believe you’ll get your dream to learn more about language in the university. We’ll work together for that.”

Story looked her teacher, tried to believe what her teacher said. Miss Ratna smiled.


Seven years after that day, Story stood in the same room. She wanted to show her literary diploma. She also brought her new book with her name on the cover as an author. But she couldn’t meet Miss Ratna. Her beloved teacher had moved to another city.


One thought on “Teacher’s Pet

  1. It’s my #8 writing. I’m trying to follow WordPress’ 365 Days of Writing Prompts.
    #8 January 8 Teacher’s pet
    Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

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