My Favorite

myfStory was busy with her computer in her room when one of her friend came. She stared at that person. Terrible person with messy hair, sad eyes and bad looking.

“What‘s up?” asked Story.
”I miss Ney.”
“Please sit where ever you want. So, Ney moved?”
“Got a new job?”
“Not really.”
“You certainly quarrel.”
“That’s not the reason.”
“So, where was Ney going then?”
“Ney was going nowhere.”
“Why do you miss Ney?”
“I’m jealous.”

Story looked back at her computer. She continued her work. But she still listened to her friend, as usual.

“Does Ney have someone special?”
“Maybe. Recently, when we went home from work, Ney stopped in a mosque to meet her someone special. And left me on the bus. I could only saw Ney from my seat.”
“ I miss our togetherness after office hour. You know, after office hour was our favorite time. Usually, from the bus window, we enjoyed watching people out there. Laughing at the strangeness of them. Eating our snack together. Or sometime we spent our time in the swimming pool, book store, cinema, mall or saw a music concert.”
“Wait…you said…meet someone special? You mean… Ney really got a lover?”
“Maybe that someone special was not a lover…, maybe more than a lover.”
“What? You’re unsure? Why didn’t you ask Ney? Or you got off the bus and found out who that someone special was?”
“I’ve known.”
“Well. It’s ok. You should be happy to saw Ney happy. You should get a lover too, I think. You have been together for so longtime. So when there’s someone came between both of you, you felt missing. By the way, how does he look like?”
“Yes, that someone who make you jealous.”
“That Ney’s someone special was not a boy.”
“What? O, my God! You mean…Ney? With a girl?”
“Neither a girl.”
“Alalalalala… tell me clearly, please.”
“I’m jealous with God. Ney’s God.”

Story stopped her work and listened curiously. She frowned. She stared at her friend, waited for the next explanation.

“A week ago, Ney decided to wear veil. You know, moslem’s veil.”
“That’s ok, wasn’t it?”
“You know, we have different religion.”
“You knew it since the first time you met. You have been together for so long time and never made it as a problem.”
“Indeed, but Ney looked different to me. She wouldn’t spend her time with me again. I lose my favorite time, my favorite person.”
“That’s only your feeling!” Story shouted, “of course she would look different. With and without is different. Ney wouldn’t spend her time with you? Don’t be ridiculous. You are still a best friend. Ok? Call her now.”

Story took her friend’s mobile, dialed Ney’s number and gave it back.

“What are you doing, Story?”
“Here you are. You miss Ney, you call her now. Come on! Speak to her now!”

Tuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttt…..tuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt…….tuuuuuuuutttttt. The phone connected and Ney answered.

“Assalamualaikum! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hello! What’s up, Sista!” Ney answered cheerfully, but she didn’t get respond soon, “hello…, hola…, halo…, are you there? Hey, what’s up, My Sista?”

Ney heard someone crying.

“…Ney, …I miss you.”

One thought on “My Favorite

  1. It’s my #6 writing. I’m trying to follow WordPress’ 365 Days of Writing Prompts.
    #6 January 6: My favorite
    What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

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