What’s your song?


It’s about a song I like, titled “Kenangan Terindah” by Samsons. Kenangan terindah means the sweetest memory. Every time I listen to this song, my heart always thrilled, I remember Love.

Eight years ago, he gave me this song. Actually, we are not two lovers. But I love him, love his smile, love his music, love his stupid thoughts, love his bad-boy side, and love our sweet days.

Six years ago, we had to split up. Since then, we’d never met each other.

Until at the end of last year, I heard that he’s married, has his “Mrs.”, and has his little junior. I didn’t know why I felt upset when I heard it. I felt like Julianne (Julia Robert) when she had to face Michael (Dermot Mulroney)’s wedding in the film “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. Julianne upset with Michael and engaged in petty sabotage on his wedding. Fortunately, I didn’t have to attend on Love’s wedding.

Well, if Julianne and Michael have “The Way You Look Tonight” as their special song in that film, I have “The Sweetest Memory”. I like its title. I like its melody. But, I dislike its sad ending love story lyric. Here it is, translated from “Kenangan Terindah”.

The Sweetest Memory

I’m the one who’s weak without you
I’m the one who is fragile ‘cause…
I’ve lost your love
such a love that could flatter me

As long as my eyes are still open
‘ till my heart stops beating
in all that time
I can always remember you

cause with you
I found my life
to me
you are the true love

If what’s been written as my destiny
is the best for you
 I’ll  just remember you as
the sweetest memory I’ve ever had in my whole life

But It won’t be easy for me
to leave my traces behind
that’ve been graven eternally
as the sweetest memory

You can listen to this song here. /

Or see the video clip <here.

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